SagitariousGallery: Last Unicorn Painting

  Artist Aja Kusick (SagitariousGallery on Esty) created a gorgeous series of pop culture-inspired paintings in Van Gough's infamous style. Here is 'Last Unicorn' for your viewing pleasure. Check out the article and her shop on Etsy in the sources below.   Sources:


Messages in the Night Sky

Here is a gorgeous poem was written by Christine Elizabeth Ray of Brave and Reckless "I look to the stars In this onyx night Trace constellations with tentative fingertip My heart aching to find the shape of you in raised dots that read like braille to my soul" ~ Christine Elizabeth Ray Source: Messages in the Night…

Just A Star

Dear Fellow Luminaries, Keep burning brightly, Keep lighting up others' lives, Bring life and growth with your warm rays, You are the Star in someone else's life, You are the Sun in someone else's world, Kiss someone every morning, Hug someone every day, Bring light to those around you, Let your light travel millions, billions of miles, You…