SagitariousGallery: Last Unicorn Painting

  Artist Aja Kusick (SagitariousGallery on Esty) created a gorgeous series of pop culture-inspired paintings in Van Gough's infamous style. Here is 'Last Unicorn' for your viewing pleasure. Check out the article and her shop on Etsy in the sources below.   Sources:


Cute Things Sophie Does

  Sophie, like most dogs, does really cute things on a daily basis. I am happy that I thought to capture her looking out the window last night. This is sort of her thing when Daniel is making dinner. She will stand, looking out the window, to pass time until the food it ready. She…

Happy Earth Day!

Today, I am going to recycle all of my plastic bottles, that I would otherwise just throw away 🙂 What will you do for Earth day? You could... Give our planet a little extra love today. Plant a flower. Recycle something. Pick up some trash you see laying around. Hug a tree. Or, be kind…