What comes to mind when I say star?

Many things. You may, first, think back to the days of grade school where you learned that our Sun is a star. You may, instead, think about a night you looked into the darkened atmosphere above, the billions of dancing stars gloriously illuminating, the magnificent orchestra of the cosmos playing silently just for you. Or perhaps, you think of the white letters standing triumphantly on Mount Lee, overlooking the Santa Monica Valley the place where aspiring stars come to find their shine.

These are all stars. We are stars, and like stars, we are unique and magnificent, but ordinary in our bountifulness. We will never run out of stars as we may never run out of people. You are just a star. I am Just A Star: 1 in 100, Billion.

justastar100billion is not an award winning writer or a genius; she is a woman who desperately wants to do what so many billions like her want to do – is seen. Her works may never be read by any great minds, or be considered great in their own right, but she doesn’t care. As long as she can shine like all the other billions of stars around her, brilliantly glorious in her own unique magnificence yet a microscopic point within the infinite vast of the cosmos, she is happy.

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    1. Awe! Thank you! I really appreciate your comment! I think, for the most part, the stars speak for themselves. I merely attempt to describe their beauty and wonderment.

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