Life has its setbacks, we all have things that make our worlds hard to live in, but there is hope.  My struggle is mood, therefore my purpose is to conquer mood. 

I believe that the universe gives all something that forces us to change the way we think about this world. It can be money issues, it can family issues, it can sexuality, it can be ability, it can be anything that forces us to examine our world, the way we are living in it.

I think the universe challenges us and gives us things to conquer, i.e. hate, injustice, indulgence, irresponsibility, complacency, fear, selfishness, the list goes on and on.

The universe gave me my own mind to conquer. I was blessed with the genetic propensity to be depressed and anxious to the point where my life could be ended by it. However, my disordered mind is something that if I can conquer I could change lives. I have no choice. Either I conquer my mood or I am destroyed by it. I can’t stay still. If I let go even for a day, sometimes a second, I am toppling down a rabbit hole of dysfunction and despair. It’s like I have the ability to enter hell without having to have to die first. But, because the veil is so thin for me that if I don’t control my demons they will take over.

I am back, but I have changes that need to be done. This means that I will have to change my site up a little bit, just for the time being, until my life is where it needs to be.

I have things going on in my personal life that need to be dealt with at this time, so blogging has taken a back seat, but I haven’t abandoned it.

Thank you 33 that have stuck out my dry spell. I will work hard to get content out consistently in the future.

Just A Star

4 thoughts on “Returning to and Reordering My Blog.

  1. So glad to have you back! I was getting worried! I was starting to draft an email to make sure you were okay and see if there was anything I could do. Now I can scrap it and just be glad to see that you’re making it through. I’ll be looking forward to your next post, whenever that may be! I missed reading your writing!


    1. Thank you. I’m really sorry for letting you down :/. I will have your guest post up this Thursday. I’m happy that you have stuck it out and kept following me.

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