I didn't realize how one day can really change your life. I had a bad day earlier this month and it led to nearly a month of being down.  I was going to write in detail about the experience, I might still do that. However, for now, I need to focus on getting back into the swing of things. I still really want a life worth living and that isn't easy. 

I want to not only share my personal experiences I want to inspire as well. I need something worth reading, right. If I have nothing to offer you, there is no need to read my posts. So here are 10 things to try if you want to get back up from a fall. I am doing these things right now.

10 Things to do when you Fall Down:

  1. Don’t look back. Yes, going back and evaluating what led to the fall is very important, but right now you just need to ‘walk it off’ and get moving again. When you feel better you can evaluate the cause.
  2. Restart your habits, you may need to backtrack a bit. One thing that I know for a fact that happens when you fall down in life is that you lose your habits. You need to spend a little time getting back into the swing of things again. It is okay. You will be your old self again soon.
  3. Set a bedtime and a wake time! Nothing will keep you down in the dumps more than a messed up sleep cycle. Get your body back into a healthy rhythm again. You can not focus and improve your life if all you think about is when you will take your next nap.
  4. Exercise. I think people assume that you need to get a gym membership, run until you feel like puking, or join a yoga class in order to get ‘exercise’. You don’t, a simple walk daily can raise your metabolism, release endorphins, and lead to a positive habit in your life that will lead to happiness. If you have recently fallen down, starting out with short walks daily, even a couple times a week, will make a huge difference in your life!
  5. Set Goals. How are you supposed to achieve anything if you have no idea where you are going. And if you set goals and failed to reach them in the time you planned, just rewrite them. We are constantly rewriting and editing our lives, that is why so many career experts and life coaches always say to embrace failure, it is powerful feedback that helps you in your life editing process. As long as you get up and continue you will be alright!
  6. Have a plan. This one is very much related to #5. However, there are tools that help with goal achievement and those are plans. A couple great planning tools are Bullet Journals, a WRAP, your ical or another default planner on your phone, and the old fashion Day Runner.
  7. Take your medications. If you have been prescribed anything. Take it! Not taking medications will only make it harder to get back on your feet. If your medications are causing you harm get into your doctor ASAP. Don’t let this go! Medications can really make a huge difference in getting your life together again!
  8. See your Therapist. An expert opinion will help sort things out, especially if you are experiencing a mental health issue. A therapist can be the support you need to get an edge on getting your life back.
  9. Allow yourself to heal. It’s okay to feel a whole lot of confusing emotions or no emotions at all when your life falls apart. Your body and mind need time to get balanced again. You will have your life back, keep trekking!

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