Prakash Hegade, PH, is a fellow blogger I ran into in April when I did his Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge (IMBC), the challengers are given 15 days to complete ten blog post ‘challenges.’ He really makes you think! I recommend trying it, you won’t regret it.

Prakash is an award-winning writer and blogger. He has a fun and inspiring blog that you should check out! Here is the link to his blog “It’s PH”:

I am a new blogger and an aspiring author like many of you who read my blog, so, here are a few insights from both Blogger and Author Prakash Hegade:

1. What inspires you to blog?

I feel there is no other better way to paint the world, than with words. Writing is soothing. Writing heals. I started writing and blogging out of my research frustration. Now, I don’t need a reason to write. I need a reason why not to write, if ever to stop.

2. What are some things you think are important to know/do/practice as a blogger?

Here are some things I would suggest:

* Respecting each other’s perspectives

* Not being harsh or impolite

* Not to worry about the content much as we all improve with time

* Make sure that one is progressing with time

* Happily accept if any suggestions or corrections are made by fellow bloggers

* Read a lot, write a lot

* Do some challenges, writing prompts, writing courses etc

* Keep exploring

* Not to write too much a month or too less a month

* Appreciating the beauty in simple things

* Knowing how to present complex things in simple terms

* Blog

3. What makes a great writer?

Knowing that every day we are keeping a step towards being a great writer and the steps are infinite.

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