Thoughts tumble through my head like blocks 




But, they are never ending, l i k e   f l o w i n g   w a t e r . 

So, in fact, my mind is like a waterfall, thoughts ceaselessly flowing over the e




ever moving, never stopping or even slowing down.

I would think so quick as a child that my hand        couldn’t      keep   up   with  my  mind.   

I was so afraid that I would forget all the wonderful stories flowing through my mind that I wrote in scribbles instead of   




5 thoughts on “Waterfall

  1. Sorry, didn’t finish my comment… my finger slipped and hit the send button instead of where I wanted to edit… The poem “400-Meter Free Style” was written by Maxine Kumin and takes the title Free Style to a new level by being a freestyle shape poem written about swimming the freestyle stroke in a race. There are a couple of copies floating around on a Google search if you’re interested in checking it out. It uses structure to simulate water and lanes in a pool like you do with water falling off the e
    Nicely done! I loved it.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I got the idea from the Shel Silverstein’s book “Falling Up.” I read it tons of times as a kid and remembered all of the fun things he did with his writing.

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