This week’s weekly feature posts topic is blogger.

You May Be A BLOGGER If…

  1. When you write, even if it is for your eyes only, you have an audience in mind.
  2. If a day goes by where you haven’t posted anything, you feel guilty.
  3. You have a weird catchy nickname for days of the week because ‘features.’
  4. Whenever you see a beautiful blog your both envious and impressed.
  5. When you wake up the first thing you think about is what you will post for that day.
  6. You will never do the ‘google, save as…, post’ picture method ever again.
  7. Whenever you take a picture you have to change the levels, just in case, you may use it on your blog in the future.
  8. You have a planner just for your blog.
  9. You take note of anything in your life that happens that could be interesting to another person.
  10. Your computer desk is your sanctuary; yet it is covered in notes, papers, and pens.

NOTE: I am discontinuing this weekly feature and starting a new one that I think may be more popular and is closer to my heart. It will be a mental health related feature. I will post poems, prose, personal accounts, tips, and awareness centered posts. Every post will include mental health resources at the bottom to help those of you who may need someone to talk to. 

It will be every Monday, it will be called Melancholy Mondays. There is no shame in feeling down, you’re not alone.  


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