Happiness is…

Happiness is the morning sun kissing your face at twilight.

Happiness is that burning in your chest,  from a long hard run.

Happiness is the lights of Paris, France dancing on a wine glass as you share a smile with him, sitting across from you.

Happiness is running into Barnes and Nobel and seeing your book on the first shelf.

Happiness is that short walk across that stage where you clutched your diploma for the first time.

Happiness is that old dock surrounded by weeping willows and butterflies; the dark water slowly gliding by.

Happiness is the realization that you just captured the perfect photo.

Happiness is leaving the premier of your first critically acclaimed film.

Happiness is Daddy reading your favorite picture book for the 100th time, you (snuggled tight under your princess blankets), him (kneeling next to your bed),  and both of you under the light emanating from the glowing unicorn on your nightstand.

Happiness is Thursday night, when Mary, Sarah, and Jen sit with you as you watch rom coms in pajamas while sipping Celestial Seasonings.

Happiness is a cheap costume,  a rubber mask, a plastic pumpkin, and your moms warm had clutching yours as you walk towards the front door of your first trick-or-treat.

Happiness is that XL twin bed, desk, chair, and dresser in the room where you started your adult life.

Happiness is that moment you are handed the keys to your first apartment.

Happiness is that moment you are handed the keys to your first car.

Happiness is the moon casting blue on the world and the flies glowing yellow swirling around you.

Happiness is your first A.

Happiness is your 10th A.

Happiness is the day you bring home your new baby.

Happiness is the day you bring home your new puppy.

Happiness is the bustling market on Sunday morning where you buy the freshest ingredients you ever encountered for that meal you are going to cook for your family.

Happiness is an orange scone with citrus icing.

Happiness is that book you picked up and can’t put down.

Happiness is when the lights goes down in the movie theatre and that movie you couldn’t wait to see appears on the screen.

Happiness is in you.

Happiness is in me.

Happiness is in this world.

Happiness was in yesterday.

Happiness is in today.

Happiness will be in tomorrow.

Happiness is…





3 thoughts on “Happiness Is…

  1. Awesome! Thank you! Im really happy that I completed my first challenge as a blogger! Thats a happy feeling ^_^
    I really appreciate all of your encouragement along the way, it really helped me stay on track and want to blog more! If you come up with any more challenges, let me know, cause I will definitely attempt them 🙂


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