Frankie sat slouched in the large, brown couch, its cushions pulling him down making Frankie look much shorter than he was. “I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo?” Frankie’s words were small and barely exited his stiff mouth. If you didn’t know any better you would have thought that he spoke with his gapping wide eyes. They drooped a little on the bottom, showing a sliver of the pink from the inside of his bottom eyelids.

Dr. Conroy steadily held his gawk, unfazed by the eeriness of his appearance. “What do you think you should do?” Dr. Conroy’s words were smooth and delicate like a tulip petal, she leaned in a little to show genuine interest in his response.

Frankie jumped up a little out of the sinking couch, “I knew it!” He paused and the light slowly faded from his eyes as he descended back onto the couch again. He stared at her with the gaze of frightened child, “that, I don’t know!”

“What do you not know, Frankie?” She sat still allowing him to think a little more.

“Thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for!” Frankie proclaimed triumphantly.

“Yes, Frankie, the nature of thoughts is that they are fleeting, and distracting, that’s why we work towards examining and controlling them.” Her voice softened a little smoother, “It can be difficult at times, but I know you have the power inside of you.”

Frankie sat back furrowed his eyebrows and folded his arms across his chest. “You need not answer all of the questions! You can just laugh again!”

“Who is laughing Frankie?” Dr. Conroy composed and articulate studied Frankie’s face as he glared at her.

Frankie lowered his arms, and softened his face. He took in a long draw of air deep into his lungs. His eyes were on his lap. The left corner of his mouth, now a slight frown, quivered a little. “At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else!” His exclamation exited him meek and quite.

“Yes Frankie, focusing on our thoughts is a very difficult matter, but remember,” She bent down a little to make eye contact with his turndown face, “you are not your thoughts and you can be free.”






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