The day I got my baby Sophie, the black and white one ;P

[A high pitched squeak of an old screen door is heard with a sharp squeal of a two-year-old quickly following.]

“Chynna! Why did you get a dog?”

“Grandma, she is to keep me from being lonely.”

[“Pu-pu-pu….” Is heard behind the conversation.]

[“Yes, it’s a puppy, Londyn.” I am making eye contact with my niece as her fingers wrap around Sophie’s soft fur.]

“Chynna, how much was it?”


“How much did you pay for her?”

“Not that much, isn’t she cute though? I just love her eyes.”


[I get down on one knee and whisper to Londyn, “Do you want to take the puppy outside?” Her eyes brighten and her mouth grows three times. “Ya! Ya! Ya! Poopy! Cows! Mooooo! Shoes! Shoes!”]

“Oh man! Chynna… Grandpa isn’t going to be happy when he hears you bought a dog.”

IBMC - 2

Challenge 2/10: https://itsphblog.wordpress.com/ibmc/ibmc-02-freeze-a-foto-challenge/comment-page-2/#comment-10761

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