“I know, now, that life sucks and EVERYONE is oppressed in someway — life just isn’t fair. So, what I am sharing isn’t an attempt at pity or social justice, it is an attempt at connection. I want to know if there still is hope out there for those of us who are NOT exceptional.” ~ justastar100billion, Thoughts Laid Out

Dear “Average People,” the ones that didn’t make it,

I am one of you and would like to get to know you. I, like you, dreamed of being someone special, someone worth writing about, someone worth respect, but, sadly, I never became one of those people. Yes, I too, heard about the kids on Oprah who, despite their circumstances, excelled in life and got coveted spots in Ivy League Universities. I, too, naively thought that if I just tried a little harder, pushed myself a little longer, and stayed positive that I would make it out on top. But I didn’t, the success never came, and instead of a big life filled with a blossoming career and many friends, I have a small life with a kind man that loves me, two pets more precious than gold to me, debt I cannot afford, and no fancy degree or career to show for it. I messed up on a large scale, and learned that instead of trying to create the person of who I wanted to be, I should have been searching for the person that I truly was.

What about you? Where have you failed? What grandiose fantasy did you throw yourself towards that ended up crumbling beneath your feet? What part of yourself did you wish that you accepted, developed, or took into account that you simply ignored until it was too late?

I can’t wait to hear your stories.    

Sincerely, your fellow human, 





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