Hi WordPressers and fellow bloggers! How can I go about writing about my personal truth without sounding like an ego maniac?  I have things I want to discuss, but I want to do it eloquently and make my posts more relatable. I would love to hear your suggestions! Thanks for listening, justastar1in100

Rainy Days

I love rainy days, they are my favorite. The colors are richer. The sky is darker. The world is reflecting it's true character. Rainy days are authentic, they are not trying to be pretty, special, wonderful, good; they are satisfied with their imperfection. They are dark, gloomy, and not fun to be around, but because they…

The Death of a Blue Bird

DISCLAIMER: GRAPHIC CONTENT; MY BE A TRIGGER FOR SOME I used to wake each morning to the singing blue bird inside of my heart, she flew free over the meadows and pastures, chirping her praises for the glory of life. But as a predator does, you stalked that little bird. You pounced into the air, sticking your deadly nails into…

Cute Things Sophie Does

  Sophie, like most dogs, does really cute things on a daily basis. I am happy that I thought to capture her looking out the window last night. This is sort of her thing when Daniel is making dinner. She will stand, looking out the window, to pass time until the food it ready. She…

A plea for shelter dogs in Oregon

Help a dog, get shelter dogs recognized as pets and family members too!

Learning from Dogs

Recognize Rescued Shelter Dogs as Oregon’s State Dog

A couple of hours ago I received an email from Scott Beckstead. Scott is the Senior Oregon Director and the Rural Outreach Director for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Scott and his wife are two people that Jeannie and I have met and they know that we are committed to supporting the HSUS. Scott was asking in his email that we promote his plea, on behalf of HSUS’s great work in Oregon, for all Oregon residents to support a proposal that comes with the catchy title of Proposal H.C.R. 16.

Because of the immediacy of this campaign, tomorrow is the deadline, I was pleased to publish what Scott sent me without delay.


In Support of H.C.R. 16

Recognize Rescued Shelter Dogs as Oregon’s State Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, providing many benefits to their families such as…

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Happy Earth Day!

Today, I am going to recycle all of my plastic bottles, that I would otherwise just throw away 🙂 What will you do for Earth day? You could... Give our planet a little extra love today. Plant a flower. Recycle something. Pick up some trash you see laying around. Hug a tree. Or, be kind…